Posted by: Mangesh_Linux_Administrator | January 20, 2011

LiteSpeed installation on Cpanel server

LiteSpeed installation on Cpanel server

* Login to SSH on the server running cPanel.

# cd /usr/locel/src

# wget

# chmod 700

# ./

# rm -f

Register for 15days trial license:

* Login to WHM and click the ‘LiteSpeed Web Server’ button.
* Click ‘Install LiteSpeed’ and let it run through the installation procedure.
* Enter your license information & assign an administrator password (Don’t tick the box to start LiteSpeed immediately)
* Click ‘Build matching PHP Binary’
* Click ‘Switch to LiteSpeed’
* Click ‘Admin Web Console’ and login

Final stages of setup

* Configuration > General > Index Files > Edit

Set the following and save.

Index Files: index.html, index.php, index.php5, index.htm

Auto Index: Yes

Auto Index URI => /_autoindex/default.php

* In SSH Type:

# ln -sf /usr/local/lib/php/autoindex /usr/local/lsws/share/autoindex

* Configuration > Log > Server Log > Edit

Set the following:

Log Level: Info

Debug Level: None

* Now click ‘Actions > Graceful Restart’ to make these changes permanent.

Don’t forget 7080 ports should be enabled in the firewall


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