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How to mount NTFS file system in Linux.

How to make Linux box understand NTFS file system? (2nd solution is more useful )

solution 1)

Following kernel module is required to be installed to make your linux box understand NTFS file system:

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rpm -ivh kernel-module-ntfs-2.6.9-5.rpm

Add NTFS module to kernel as:

/sbin/modprobe ntfs

at this stage module has been added to kernel. To check if NTFS module have been added use following commands:

dmesg | grep NTFS
cat /proc/filesystems

Now you can mount your NTFS Parition on linux.

How to access NTFS partition in linux?
Now you can mount ntfs partition on to linux as:

mount -t ntfs /dev/hda6 /mnt/

solution 2)
Re: How to make Linux box understand NTFS file system?

There are some steps to mount you’r NTFS filesystem in running linux box

1. you need to download third party package/s to make you’r kernel read the ntfs filesystem
A:-fuse-xxx.el5.i386.rpm which provides the kernel module (fuse.ko) to you’r kernel
B:-fuse-devel-xxx.el5.i386.rpm which provides devlopment files to your fuse-xxx.el5.i386.rpm
C:-fuse-ntfs-3g-xxx.el5.i386.rpm which is the main NTFS support use to make your kernel understand ntfs support
D:-kernel-devel-xxx.el5.i386.rpm which is avilable in your CD/DVD and provides supported devlopment files to your current
NOTE:-fuse-ntfs-3g-xxx.el5.i386.rpm unable to install without fuse* and fuse-devel* packages

2. Now do as mentiond below
A:- rpm -ivh kernel-devel*
B:- rpm -ivh fuse*
C:- rpm -ivh fuse-devel*
D:- rpm -ivh fuse-ntfs-3g*

Note:-Ifyour using XEN or PAE kernel download the kernel-xen-devel* or kernel-pae-devel* packages from internet because these packages seldome provided with CD/DVD

3.If you have done all the above task without any error ITs time to mount your NTFS partion.

login as root;-
#mount -t ntfs-3g /dev/sdxx /home1 (or any folder)

NOTE:- if any error presist during mounting your NTFS partion (mostly it shows #error module fuse not found try modprobe fuse) it means ur fuse module dose not exist in in kernel(fuse.ko) to resolve this issue Do the same:-
A:-Download the souse code of (may ne in tar archive)from internet extract where you want
B:- go to the extacted folder thorugh CLI mode
C:-./configure (if no error Proceed)
D:-make (if no error proceed)
E:- make install (if no error)
F:- go to SRC folder where you extracted fuse sorce code (in the same folder)
G:- you will find “fuse.ko” in there
H:- On CLI run #depmod -a
I:- On CLI run #insmod .fuse.ko
J:- now check On CLI #lsmod | grep -i fuse

TRY to mount Your NTFS


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